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Building A Sustainable Food Community

Everyone loves food. Unfortunately, not all food is created equal.

Vital income is being taken away from food and grocery establishments.

Why? Due to high payable commission fees to delivery platforms.

An oversupply of delivery drivers has also resulted in a drop of income for these families.

Market balance has to be achieved.

We created DaBaoNow Singapore to change the status quo and reinvent the way food is sold in the digital space.

Our vision is to build an environment where food and groceries are sold sustainably online.

We stand united with our food & grocery partners. Let us come together to support one another in our community.

Food & Grocery Establishments

Using a ‘$0 Sign Up Fee . $0 Onboarding Fee . 0% Commission Fee‘ model, we are able to minimise the additional costs these establishments have to pay to online delivery platforms. This helps them better control their costs and maintain higher margins for their businesses

Delivery Personnel

By creating a sustainable supply of delivery orders and connecting delivery personnel to a wide range of food & groceries businesses, we are able to provide these drivers with more avenues to generate a sustainable income.


There is a market perception currently that delivery platforms have caused consumer prices for food & grocery items to increase. We aim to minimise these rising costs for consumers and achieve a fair balance to help food & grocery businesses to manage their rising costs and thrive in the industry.

How Does DaBaoNow Singapore Work

Our Beneficiaries

The Animal Lovers League and Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) are the Official Beneficiary Partners for Euforia Singapore.

A Note From Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)

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