August 2021

DaBaoNow Singapore is an on-demand food delivery service that helps Food & Beverage (F&B) businesses like you reach out to customers online. A Singapore brand created by Singaporeans, DaBaoNow Singapore is dedicated to not only revive and enhance food businesses, but also help you thrive in the long-run.


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, F&B businesses were already paying food delivery platforms high sales commission fees averaging 30% - 35%. The high sales commission fees were manageable only due to revenue from in-store sales, but doesn’t take away from the fact that you had to make do with lower margins as a result. This isn’t helped by the fact that margins were already being pushed down by rising food supply and rental costs. Some F&B businesses have resorted to include the service fees into their listed food price. This makes them less attractive to consumers due to the higher pricing, and sales suffered as a result.


Since the implementation of the Circuit Breaker in Singapore in April 2020, F&B businesses have found it hard to survive due their overall sales dropping below their usual levels. Whilst food delivery platforms are helping to bring in food orders, the high service fees are unsustainable for many stores to absorb. Entering the second half of 2021, many F&B businesses are still struggling to make ends meet, and some have already had to close their stores, while others will have to follow suit in the coming months if the situation does not improve.


DaBaoNow Singapore runs a No Sales Commissions model where F&B merchants are not charged for any sales made via our platform. We created DaBaoNow Singapore to change the status quo and reinvent the way food is sold in the digital space. Our vision is to build an environment where food & beverage establishments are maximising their profits, delivery crew are paid their dues, and consumers have quick and easy access to a large variety of food options.


We stand united with our local F&B businesses. Let us come together to support one another in our F&B community.