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COVID-19 has brought disruption to many people, and in the case of the Singapore food & groceries industry, many have lost their livelihoods.

From empty hawker centres to restaurants with no table or chairs, the current food model has become unviable.

We hear stories also of old elderly hawkers who have no access to the online network who have lost their only source of income. The situation is dire and something must be done or we risk losing an entire generation of our local food heritage.

In order to create a long-term sustainable ecosystem within the industry, market balance has to be achieved.

This, however, is not the case at present, with much vital income being taken away from food and grocery establishments due to high payable commission fees to delivery platforms.

An oversupply of delivery drivers has also resulted in a drop of income for their families.

DaBaoNow Singapore was created to change the status quo and reinvent the way food is sold in the digital space.

Our vision is to build an environment where food and grocery establishments are maximising their profits, delivery crew personnel are paid their dues, and consumers have quick and easy access to a large variety of food and products online.

We stand united with our food & grocery partners in this very challenging time.

We are all a part of this interconnected web of relationships and food is what keeps us together.

Collectively, we can all make a difference. So let’s all come together to support one another in our community by caring for those who are especially vulnerable and supporting them by contributing to their wellbeing.

About Euforia Singapore!

“To accelerate societal growth through the development of partnerships and solutions that create a better everyday life for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.”

Founded in 2015, Euforia is focused on alleviating the social issues that exists in our modern society.

We believe there is a better way to help society’s vulnerable and disadvantaged. We build valuable and effective models to ensure that support is long-term, and not fleeting.

As a Strategic Network comprising of partnerships between Social Enterprises, Private Companies, Voluntary Welfare Organisations, and Government Agencies, we believe we can be agents of change.

We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our goal is to help society achieve this.

Making Positive Social Impact

Our Team

DaBaoNow SG_Melvin-Ho-Managing-Director

Melvin Ho | Managing Director, Euforia Singapore

Melvin is the Founder and Managing Director of Euforia Singapore, a social enterprise started in 2015 as an online marketplace – MyEuforia Singapore (myeuforia.com.sg). Euforia Singapore has since grown to include a group of brands and strategic partnerships focused on providing long-term support and improving the lives of society’s vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Through his experience in building his own social enterprise startup, and a career background advising SMEs in a consultancy role, Melvin is very aware of the difficulties faced in the social sector. He restructured and rebranded Euforia Singapore in 2019, allowing the company to be better positioned to be a facilitator for change in the social sector.

Melvin believes that innovation and strategic partnerships between government agencies, non-profit organisations, and companies can bring forth change and improvement. This belief forms the cornerstone of Euforia Singapore’s mission. The result being innovative products & services in Business Engagement and Sustainable Horticulture, solutions that are generated and driven forward by Melvin.

A foodie and avid cook, Melvin has always been seeking out solutions that can help improve the food industry. This has led to the creation of the DaBaoNow SG platform, driven by his desire to help food & grocery establishments stay afloat during the troubling COVID-19 period.

He graduated from Curtin University in Perth, Australia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, majoring in Economics and Marketing. He was also an alumni of the Business School in Singapore Polytechnic, graduating with a Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing).