Bak Kwa Black Sesame Shanghai Mooncake -8pcs 肉干黑芝麻上海月饼8粒



Brand’s exclusive Bak Kwa Black Sesame Shanghai mooncakes are not to be missed. These mooncakes boast a light and buttery pastry which melts in your mouth. Enveloped within the crumbly pastry are a smooth black sesame paste which provide a slight hint of sweet and bitterness, beautifully balanced by pockets of sweet and savoury flavour which come from the luxurious stove-glazed bak kwa bites. Each bite of this seemingly unconventional mooncake only gives you more reason to keep going until you regret not buying another.

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August Baking Studio is strongly passionate in delivering high quality local pastries for locals. With our secret family recipe that has been well received in the past, we have reinvented the menu this year by infusing ideas from western artisanal baking to our traditional flavors. These pastries are carefully handcrafted without additives and preservatives. This comes from our increasingly health centric community. We welcome you to try our unique gift sets for yourselves and your loved ones this mid-autumn festival.

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