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Crispy roasted almond flakes,
cinnamon powder, crumbs.

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Crispy roasted almond flakes,
cinnamon powder, crumbs.

Sun Ray Cafe

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All food made in-house – we bake our breads, cakes, sauces, spread and we roast the coffee. We source our coffees and teas directly from farms. Now that’s what a cafe should be!

Our achievements as a cafe? We started from scratch, but in 7 years, we are world #3 in tea pairing, national AeroPress coffee champion and silver medallist, Australia International Coffee Award for roasting coffee.

We are against the trend of increasing prices. That’s why we have incredible prices. We invite you to support our movement!

We are pet-friendly, and NEA says all pets brought by customers need to be leashed – please bring your leash.

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